If soil pH is too high or too low, nutrient will be tied up and unavailable to plants so therefore BIO Gold balances soil pH so nutrients are readily to growing plants.

BIO GOLD can be applied prior to planting, during tillage, during planting, or after the plants are growing.

Tillage isn't absolutely necessary, but lightly tilled soil will increase exposed surface area, when BIO GOLD is applied, the microorganisms will disperse and begin to improve the soil while fixing Nitrogen for plant uptake.

Yes. BIO GOLD can be applied as a side dress after the crop is growing. If BIO GOLD was used before planting, an additional 5 gallons of activated product may be applied during growing season.

BIO GOLD increases organic matter over time. The richness and vitality of the soil will be evident through better tillth and aeration. Clodding and crusting will be reduced and the soil's pH will be brought into balance for maximum crop growth. Soil borne disease and insect pressure may be reduced.

In many case cases a crop grown with BIO GOLD will mature earlier because nutrients are more readily available. The flavour and shelf life of vegetables will improve because of the balance of nutrients that BIO GOLD microorganisms.

BIO GOLD can be safely mixed with most herbicides and pesticides. Always follow the label instructions for best results.

Using BIO GOLD helps eliminate toxin runoff and acids in the decomposition of herbicides, which helps prevent chemicals from accumulating in the soil.

BIO Gold improves soil tilth and contributes to the buffering capacity of the soil. It also improves water-holding capacity and increases the availability of nutrient.

Yes . BIO GOLD has been certified organic by JAS, USDA NOP, AND EU.