• BIO GOLD is a concentrated liquid microbiological soil inoculant that contains freeliving soil microbes. It provides living bacteria that allows plants to more completely take up nutrients. BIO GOLD also has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it available to plants.
  • BIO GOLD microbials are a variety of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.
  • BIO GOLD is 100% natural organic liquid concentrate that is environmentally safe.
  • A cost effective organic product, BIO GOLD will nourish and improve the soil so plants grow healthy and produce higher yields.
  • Nutrients released by BIO GOLD are done slowly and naturally allowing gradual uptake throughout the growing season.

  • BIO GOLD was developed to meet the pressing need for a sustainable agriculture that has little or no negative impact on the environment.
  • BIO GOLD was developed to allow farmers to get higher and quality yields with little input and without depleting their most important asset: Their Soil.

Compacted soil prevents the proper transfer of soil gases and keeps roots growing unimpeded. At least one-half of the soil/plant fertility cycle may not be working if soil is compacted. Without oxygen in the soil, humus formation does not happen. Over time, using BIO GOLD will improve soil tilth, increase soil aggregation and break compaction.

Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air around us, the major component of the earth's atmosphere. BIO GOLD contains microorganisms that have the ability to fix nitrogen from the air, attach it to the soil in nitrate form and make it usable to the plant. By using BIO GOLD we can reduce our synthetic nitrogen as much as 50%.

In the soil, BIO GOLD microbes metabolize organic substances which complex and chelate nutrients. Additional organic substances and acids are produces by the microorganisms, which make nutrients such as potassium more available.

Microorganisms are a vital part of soil balance and BIO GOLD significantly aids in achieving that balance. The microorganisms found in BIO GOLD feed on organic matter and form glue-like material called polysaccharides. These complex sugars connect individual soil particles or aggregates. This process give soil its soft, crumbly tilth and its pleasant fragrance.

Once active in the soil, BIO GOLD produces enzymes that accelerate natural biological function and aid plant growth. These enzymes promote faster germination, better flowering, improved health and better production. They also help decomposed crop residue and turn it into organic matter.

BIO GOLD also produces hormones such as auxins, indoleacetic acid, and gibberellins (gibberellic acid) with a natural control that regulates plant growth.

BIO GOLD is hydrolytic and during its production of food, hydrogen is released and bonded with oxygen molecules to produce small amounts of moisture. So, during hot and dry conditions, there is additional moisture available for the plants because of improved water holder capacity.

One of the main benefits from using BIO GOLD is to help balance the soil pH. BIO-ONE works in all types of soils, on any agricultural crops, on pastures and turf.

BIO GOLD has been certified organic by JAS, USDA NOP and EU.

BIO GOLD is an all-natural product derived from plant matter that contains all the trace elements that exist in growing plants. It is a natural slow release product” that provides nutrients to plants when they need them.

Unlike High Salt Synthetic Products, BIO GOLD is Not Harmful to Soil Microlife

BIO GOLD is designed to overcome the limitations of single nutrient approaches that producers have relied on for years. BIO GOLD stimulates microbes to work simultaneously with the plant to improve caution exchange, which makes unavailable nutrients available. The result? Better plant health, better plant production, better yields.